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Type Register Full package Main conference 1-Day workshop 2-Days workshop
Regular Early 500€ 420€ 50€ 90€
Late 600€ 520€ 80€ 120€
Student Early 300€ 250€ 40€ 75€
Late 400€ 350€ 60€ 100€

Banquet - Guest: 80€

What do the categories mean? Full-Pack entitles the attendee to attend the main conference plus all workshops. Main Conference entitles the attendee to attend only the main conference. 1-Day entitles the attendee to attend only one day of workshops (no main conference). 2-Day entitles the attendee to attend both workshops days but not the main conference.

All the fees include lunches. Full-Pack and Main Conference categories include the welcome reception and the banquet.

  • Early Registration: September 29th, 23:59 CEST
  • Late Registration: November 3rd, 23:59 CEST

Registration instructions

The registration follows a 3 steps hand-shake protocol:

  • Fill the pre-registration form with personal information (no payment at this point)
  • Wait for the confirmation email (this may take a few days, validation is done manually)
  • Follow the link given in confirmation e-mail to complete your registration.

Please enter the name of an administrative contact person of your organization in the “Contact Name” field, or your name, if you are the person to contact for administrative matters.

Please note: for the early registration fees eligibility, the date of the payment is considered (not the pre-registration date).


If you need an invitation letter for a VISA application, please write to the local organisers at and provide them with the following information:

  • your full name as it appears in your passport
  • your work address
  • the name of any accepted papers
  • the email of the embassy to handle your request